I am Cieri. I previously post under thetravellingprincess.wordpress.com and princesalakwacha.blogspot.com. Now, this is my new place : thewonderfulkind.com. All glory to God for this 🙂

While my previouse blogs are more about my whereabouts and wanders. I decided to take it to the next level and have my own little space in the world wide web to continue with my travel posts, add sprinkle to my blog with some random and hopefully inspirational thoughts from time to time, a dash of my favorite things, and all things giving goodvibes to me hoping I can share it to you. 🙂

My posts represent me and my life as a woan who is starting a little family of her own, has a job in a corporate world, loves life and has work life balance as her mantra 😉, who values close friendship, pursues

Grateful to having parents who taught us to give more time and save for experiential things than material ones. This was where I got my love for traveling, learning, and life. Years after trying the world of blogging, I think it’s high time to get more connected and write about life’s wanders and wonders ❤


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