Best Island: Boracay

A day after posting in my Instagram  account about my favorite island, Conde Nast Traveler awarded it as the Best Island in the World for 2016! Yay for Boracay. 💙


Melo’s Steakhouse

During our last wedding anniversary, we were supposed to go out of town and I took a leave. But, due to our moving into our new place my husband decided to treat me for a bit poshier impromptu lunch outside. He decided to have lunch at Melo’s in Burgos Circle, BGC. I think the last time I tried Melo’s was ages ago. So I thought it was a good time to try their food again. We ordered the, Gambas, Rich Pumpkin Soup, and  Wagyu and Prawns (Surf and Turf). Plus, I ordered an additional mashed potato haha!


Overall, I can say that Melo’s still has it. Although I find it pricey being kuripot that I am, the taste and is just magical for your mouth and tastebuds. The moist and softness of the food goes down until the pieces of carrots and potatoes as sidings! I was super full that I was not able to finish my mashed potato. Or it must be the free appetizer soft rolls they serve prior to our main meal hehe. I had a “few” of their soft rolls 😛 We got a free VIP card too so we can dine at a discounted rate next time.



Other Branches : Sgt Esguerra, QC and Westgate Alabang

Got a steakhouse to recommend? Please comment below 🙂 

Come Onboard!

My office team decided to chill on a Friday night and go to the nearby Circuit Makati to try the board game and gastronomic place Onboard Game and Gastro Pub

Nacho Hai while Cards Against Humanity

Located at the second floor of the Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City. We were welcomed by the courteous receptionists and food servers. It did not take long before we requested one of the Game Masters to teach us to play “Card Against Humanity”. According to Wikipedia, Cards Against Humanity is a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using typically offensive, risqué or politically incorrect words or phrases printed on playing cards. So, while munching on the first appetizer served, Nacho Hai, we super got in to the game was energized enough to be competitive with each other to give our “wittiest” answers. I guess we had fun since we played this game for an hour! 😛


Ferrero Nutella Landslide

My colleague and I ordered for Ferrero Nutella Landslide. When it was served,  oh boy, it was huge! It took a long time for the milkshake to be fully consumed.  Good thing, we ordered it for sharing. We also played a game called Smart Ass. According to, “Smart Ass the board game is the ultimate fun trivia game for 2 to 12 players, where everybody plays every turn, the game doesn’t labor on for hours, and even if you are a ‘Dumb Ass’, you can win! Smart Ass is an all play game. With every question asked, every player can yell out the answer at any time and as soon as they think they know the answer.” Playing this game took us longer than the first one. Haha! We were all determined to finish the game. Other food we tried are Pigs in a Platter and BBQ Sticky Fingers.


Overall, the food we ordered is delicious! I was really picky and a bit dizzy that day, but the Nacho Hai really perked me up! Lol. The price is a bit pricey. But, I think it is worth it for some family and friends bonding.

Be Grateful

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada where my family (parents and siblings)lives. I feel that it is very timely to post this as one of the topics I have been itching to write about..Being grateful. 

There are things in life that challenge us or some things may be very different from what we imagine or dream of. Sometimes we question what we have instead of enjoying the blessing given to us. Last weekend, priest reminded me of one of my recent realizations. People nowadays have this ‘sense of entitlement’ on expecting to have things or to be treated based on their expectations. In reality, nothing gives us this ‘I deserve this’ tag and everything are just blessings. People (yes including me) tend to forget being thankful. Personally, I try to consciously change this and even intentionally associated my most recent birthday to it.

As one of my friends say, if we become more grateful the more we are blessed. While in one of my facebook groups composed of inspiring women, one post gratitude and it’s effects caught my attention. It says that sometimes when we feel lacking, the more we have to give to feel the abundance. Same thing I heard last weekend. And I believe them. Everytime I remind myself to count the blessings, positivity pour in. 

As Robert Quillen said “If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.” 

Makes sense right. There is always something to be grateful for.

Sidetrip to Legoland Malaysia

In the middle of our vacation last Summer in Singapore, we decided to spend an overnight trip to Legoland Malaysia. When my husband told me about this, I got giddy because I love kiddie themed travels haha. So I checked Legoland Malaysia’s website and got happily confused with the theme room to choose. Finally, we decided to try the Pirate-themed Premiere Room and booked it!

There are Adventure-themed and Kingdom-themed rooms as well. One Kingdom room is a suite that accommodates up to 8 people! Room rates start at around RMB650. Premium Rooms start at RMB 820. Prices include buffet breakfast at the Bricks Cafe.

As advised by my cousins, it is best to spend an overnight stay so it will not be tiring for us to tour the theme park and go to and from Johor Bahru and Singapore. We purchased the two-day tickets for about RMB 280 or PHP 4200 or USD 96 which includes two-day access in both theme and water parks of Legoland.

May I also suggest to go there during the ‘BER’ months? We went there during summer and it was too hot. Good thing we stayed at the hotel so we rested from time to time hehe.  

How did we went there from Singapore? We booked through WTS Travel. The pick up point is at their  Singapore Flyer office. We chose the 9am trip but we were there at around 8am. At first we were curious if there was a queue but the attendant said none. So we just waited only to realize that the bus already arrived and it was already full when we got in! So we were seated apart. Imagine if you are with kids, it is much of a hassle. Seeing the brighter side of it, the travel time is just short – around 1 hr and 45 mins including the immigration stop. But, I still provided my feedback to WTS and they acknowledged. The coach bus will drop off passengers at the entrance of Legoland and pick up point is at the same place. I love the choice we made regarding the time as we have maximized our stay and tour in the theme park. Guests can leave their bags at the hotel if it is not yet time for check in or if check out is too early. Coach bus roundtrip  fare is at SGD 25 per person. Tip: If taking WTS, be more mindful of the bus assignment and double check with the attendant so you can get the best seats. We did that during our trip back to SG. 

The Beauty Strategist : Jasmine Mendiola

I just got tagged in my Instagram last Tuesday about my testimonial for my wedding Hair and Make Up Artist (also our Reception Host!) Jasmine Mendiola via her her Instagram account. 🙂

The husband also posted this on facebook and I got kilig so much that I have to post it too.. for evidence! Mwahaha!

For all the soon to be brides, debutants, bridesmaids etc., I highly recommend Jasmine for that natural, fresh, and radiant look on your special day. Check her portfolio and more through her site :

Singapore Trip 2016

The Shopes at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is still one of my favorite countries in Asia. I have not seen the whole Asia yet. I have been to around ten and I still keep coming back to Singapore.

“The story of Singapore is rich with twists, turns and triumphs” as stated in Singapore’s travel website: . Truly, this independent and progressive country is rich in history and culture.

This is some sort of a “throwback” post from just a few months ago about my visit to the Lion City.

We have stayed at two Swissotel Hotels. Thank you to my cousin as she was able to book our hotels with discounts! Wee! 😀 We stayed at Swissotel Merchant Court located near Clarke Quay and Singapore River. I love the quaint, vintage architecture of the hotel! When we arrived, some of the portions were being constructed. But, we were informed ahead of time. The attendants and receptionists were so helpful and courteous. We were accommodated at a Premiere Room (Corner Room) with a balcony overlooking the pool and Clarke Quay. Happily, we were given one of the newly renovated rooms. The view is just perfect for a vacation vibe. The bathroom is very spacious, clean, and has elegant interiors.

Merchant Court

The view from our room at Swissotel Merchant Court

Our stay at Swissotel Merchant Court comes with breakfast. There are variety of choices for breakfast – Asian, Continental etc. We all love the food!

Ready for Buffet Breakfast

Love Locks SG version at Clarke Quay

Our cousin Em and her fiancé Jeremy  are one of the best tour guides in SG! They bring us to unique and not so ‘touristey’ places. During this vacation, they brought us to Sentosa Cove’s Quayside Isle which is a place for gastronomic adventure with a wide array of coffee shops and restaurants. We decided to have lunch at Kith.

Quayside Isle View

Wealso went to Marina Bay Sands which I miss!

Thanks Jeremy for the ride! Best SG tourist guides ever

How can we skip Universal Studios Singapore?! There are new rides. But, I came back for the Transformers ride! We tried getting the VIP access this time so we have saved a lot of time by having a special queue!


For the latter part of our vacation, we stayed at Swissotel Stamford. This hotel is strategically located at the heart of the city with easy access to City Hall station MRT. It is also one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. It is also right beside Raffles City Mall.  I can say that the hotel is perfect for both business and pleasure because of the location. Our room gives a nice view of the Singapore flyer and the city.

City View from our Swissotel Stamford room

There’s a lot more to do in Singapore depending on the type of vacation and purpose of visit.One can have sidetrips to nearby towns, cities, and countries too. We did go to nearby Johor Bahru during this trip. But, will save that for a different post 🙂 

Inspirational Story: The Boy in The Train

I was assigned to share a motivational or inspirational story at work. So I thought first of a theme different from what was recently shared by my colleagues. I came across a story from Moral Stories (article : ) and thought it is good to share.

Photo credit :

Here it goes:


A father and son were traveling by train. Boy was 24years old. The boy was really excited and was looking out of window.

Suddenly he shouted, “Dad look trees are going behind..”

His dad smiled. There was a young couple sitting near by them. When they saw the childish behavior of boy they felt weird with pity for boy.


Suddenly boy again exclaimed, “Dad look outside, Clouds are running with us.”

Now seeing this again the couple couldn’t resist and said to old man, “Why don’t you take your son to Doctor?”

Old man understood and just smiled and said, “I did, We are just coming back from hospital. My son was blind from birth and there at hospital he had operation. He just got his Eyes and now we are going back to home.”
Moral : Don’t judge people before truly knowing them because everyone has a story and sometimes truth might surprise you.


My takeaway after reading this is that we sometimes assume things being said and done or even things we saw or hear without knowing the whole story. It is best to directly and politely ask, inquire, or communicate with the people involved instead of assuming that our interpretation of something is what it is actually is.