Why I Got Hooked with Why Secretary Kim?

So I thought Im not gonna like any Korean Series apart from Go Back Couple. I was supposed to delete my Viu app when I decided to try watching another one to see if I can understand why a lot of people I know gets hooked with Korean Series.

After having a few options, I decided to go with Whats wrong with Secretary Kim?

or Why Secretary Kim?

At first I thought it was a typical rich guy common girl story. I must say the location aesthetic of the production kept me glued. I found Kim Mi So (the main female lead) cute and endearing. So I stayed for the firt episode even if I have not felt anything special about the series yet. But before the Episode 1 ended I felt the need to watch the Episode 2! Lol! And Lee Young Joon whom I have not really liked at first is so good that as his character is being built in the story it becomes more loveable and made me feel teenage type of kilig feels (giddy feels) haha! Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are sooo good. I want them to end up together! Lol! If women admires Mr Grey of 50 Shades of Grey so much, I wouldnt understand why they wouldnt feel the same towards Vice Chairman Lee! Hahahaha!

And the supporting cast! All of the characters are worth watching. And I say all.of.them. The cute side stories made me hooked as well towards the end. The middle part of the series gave me laughter, excitement, sentimental-drama all in one when I watch it at night haha.

Because of this series, I now have official favorite actors lol.

Photo by : en.m.wikipedia.org (promotional poster)


5 Reasons Why I Love Go Back Couple

So Go Back Couple was my first attempt to the Korean Series World. Lol. I got fascinated by the story as mentioned in the advertisement of a local PH channel. I watched a few episodes and got hooked. I learned from an officemate that I can download Viu on my phone and watch the series there. So I did and loved it! Here’s why:photo by Hancinema.net

1. Unique Story and time travel. The unique story of beginning the story from marriage and not marriage as the ultimate ending was something that caught my attention. Being married myself, I know love and relationships is different from the puppy love and highschool college type of love. So I got curious at how the story would flow while knowing there will be time travel to the past. I am fond of time travel elements somehow.

2. The feel good vibe. The feel good vibe of going back to college days. I love that the supporting characters fit the role and really gave that free spirited feel of the college days. It was also a throwback to the 90s probably my favorite era! Lol!

3. Giving importance to family. The values and relationships shown surrounding the family was highlighted in the series. The scenes related to these draw emotions that will make you love your family more.

4. Kilig. I think feeling giddy is the nearest English direct translation for Filipino word ‘kilig’. Going back to the college days and former flames, the scenes showed the feeling of good vibes and to be honest made me feel kilig for the married couple as jealousy silently exudes the characters while going back to the time they had their former flames. Even the kilig story of the friends who are supporting cast also gives the fun and giddy feel. Hihi

5. Real and relateable. While it is a bit of a fantasy for the show having an element of time travel, the plot shows how the relationships are real, especially that of the main characters. Sometimes small things blow up and affects the relationships especially for married couples. But it showed how it is one’s choice to stay in love and stay committed despite being past the teenage love phase overcoming the challenges of life.

Portland Day Tour

Portland is not a huge city like other cities in the US. But, it’s neighborhood, artsy, and unique feel made us fall in love with the place. Our trip was not planned. We were spending a night at Seattle when we just suddenly decide to go to the not-so-nearby Portland since it is just a few hours away via I-5.
Our last visit was last November and it was still Autumn. I love how the colors of the season seem to partner well with the city’s vibe. Walking along Chapman Square with all the fall colors is just one of the beautiful things we did. One woman we met said that we arrived at a gorgeous day 🙂 There are a lot of parks around so we experienced Oregon autumn at its finest.  

People are friendly. They readily give suggestions where to eat and voluntarily taking us picture around downtown upon learning we are tourists.
Foodtrucks! Food trucks are famous in Portland with almost every corner accessible to one around town. From Middleeastet to American food.. there are a lot of choices available.
We had lunch at Jake’s Grill. Almost everyone suggested to head for lunch here. There are two Jake’s Grill – one famouse for seafood and one for steaks (the newer one) . Since we are just near the latter when we got hungry, we decided to dine there. Food was good, I can say.

There are a lot of cafe’s, ice cream shops, and artsy corners around. Who can miss the Portland streetcar? This is also known as a common means of transportation here.

Grouse Mountain

Our family went to Grouse Mountain for a short trip. It’s still fall at the mountain. No snow in sight. But, we were still amazed with the view! The overlooking Vancity view is just breathtaking. What else could better? Well, I can say having lunch with the view is! We requested to be seated near the window so it is superb! The Altitude restaurant have reasonable serving sizes of delicious food to share. We personally loved the Nachos. 😊

We just basically roam around the place and just purchased the Alpine experience for CAD 44 per adult which includes the Alpine experience or the Skygondola ride and Plateau activities. One of the activities is the Grizzly Lookout. Meet Coola and Grinder, your favorite Grouse Mountain Bears. 

For more information, check Grouse Mountain website : https://www.grousemountain.com/

Melo’s Steakhouse

During our last wedding anniversary, we were supposed to go out of town and I took a leave. But, due to our moving into our new place my husband decided to treat me for a bit poshier impromptu lunch outside. He decided to have lunch at Melo’s in Burgos Circle, BGC. I think the last time I tried Melo’s was ages ago. So I thought it was a good time to try their food again. We ordered the, Gambas, Rich Pumpkin Soup, and  Wagyu and Prawns (Surf and Turf). Plus, I ordered an additional mashed potato haha!


Overall, I can say that Melo’s still has it. Although I find it pricey being kuripot that I am, the taste and is just magical for your mouth and tastebuds. The moist and softness of the food goes down until the pieces of carrots and potatoes as sidings! I was super full that I was not able to finish my mashed potato. Or it must be the free appetizer soft rolls they serve prior to our main meal hehe. I had a “few” of their soft rolls 😛 We got a free VIP card too so we can dine at a discounted rate next time.


Website: http://www.melosteaks.com

Other Branches : Sgt Esguerra, QC and Westgate Alabang

Got a steakhouse to recommend? Please comment below 🙂 

Come Onboard!

My office team decided to chill on a Friday night and go to the nearby Circuit Makati to try the board game and gastronomic place Onboard Game and Gastro Pub

Nacho Hai while Cards Against Humanity

Located at the second floor of the Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City. We were welcomed by the courteous receptionists and food servers. It did not take long before we requested one of the Game Masters to teach us to play “Card Against Humanity”. According to Wikipedia, Cards Against Humanity is a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using typically offensive, risqué or politically incorrect words or phrases printed on playing cards. So, while munching on the first appetizer served, Nacho Hai, we super got in to the game was energized enough to be competitive with each other to give our “wittiest” answers. I guess we had fun since we played this game for an hour! 😛


Ferrero Nutella Landslide

My colleague and I ordered for Ferrero Nutella Landslide. When it was served,  oh boy, it was huge! It took a long time for the milkshake to be fully consumed.  Good thing, we ordered it for sharing. We also played a game called Smart Ass. According to boardgamegeek.com, “Smart Ass the board game is the ultimate fun trivia game for 2 to 12 players, where everybody plays every turn, the game doesn’t labor on for hours, and even if you are a ‘Dumb Ass’, you can win! Smart Ass is an all play game. With every question asked, every player can yell out the answer at any time and as soon as they think they know the answer.” Playing this game took us longer than the first one. Haha! We were all determined to finish the game. Other food we tried are Pigs in a Platter and BBQ Sticky Fingers.


Overall, the food we ordered is delicious! I was really picky and a bit dizzy that day, but the Nacho Hai really perked me up! Lol. The price is a bit pricey. But, I think it is worth it for some family and friends bonding.

Be Grateful

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada where my family (parents and siblings)lives. I feel that it is very timely to post this as one of the topics I have been itching to write about..Being grateful. 

There are things in life that challenge us or some things may be very different from what we imagine or dream of. Sometimes we question what we have instead of enjoying the blessing given to us. Last weekend, priest reminded me of one of my recent realizations. People nowadays have this ‘sense of entitlement’ on expecting to have things or to be treated based on their expectations. In reality, nothing gives us this ‘I deserve this’ tag and everything are just blessings. People (yes including me) tend to forget being thankful. Personally, I try to consciously change this and even intentionally associated my most recent birthday to it.

As one of my friends say, if we become more grateful the more we are blessed. While in one of my facebook groups composed of inspiring women, one post gratitude and it’s effects caught my attention. It says that sometimes when we feel lacking, the more we have to give to feel the abundance. Same thing I heard last weekend. And I believe them. Everytime I remind myself to count the blessings, positivity pour in. 

As Robert Quillen said “If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.” 

Makes sense right. There is always something to be grateful for.