So I had extra me time to use to blog 😂. Reminiscing our Taiwan trip with the brothers and cuzzies.

Taipei 101 Mall

Shifen Falls

So this trip was an inaugural cousin trip of some sort. Making Taipei our meeting place from Manila, Vancouver, Singapore, Calgary. Haha! Thanks to us for defying the nautical miles. Months of planning and effort especially from the cuzzos from North America 😂 but worth it. Thanks to PAL for the good steal I got 6k roundtrip each so I can treat the boys too! Plus the pilot going to Taipei was a classmate of mine! Smooth flight in fairness.

It’s my first time in Taiwan. Never been there even for a layover. So I was excited to see as people say I will enjoy the food trip! While waiting for the brothers and cousins from around the world 😂, I decided to book us a trip to Jiufen on our first morning. I mesaged Leo Sun, who was recommended by a teammate at work. I decided last minute as we got nothing planned on the first day and cousins planned Jiufen the day we are flying out. We needed to go back to Manila a day earlier. The Jiufen trip I got was just half day or 6hrs for 3000 NTD or around 4500 in PHP. We were supposed fetched in the hotel and dropped in the hotel as well. (By the way we stayed at Stay Inn Taipei)I requested to pass by the Yin Yang Sea and Golden Waterfall on our way to Jiufen. But, on the day of our trip it rained while we are having breakfast at Mos Burger accross the hotel. We stayed in the Zhongshan area near Shuanglian station. The tour guide Chouly from Leo’s team volunteered to pick us up in front of the food chain instead, so yayb We were just three so we were seated comfortably the whole trip. Whats amusing is the tour guide played OPM songs! 😂 Leo and his team are known to specialize facilitating tours for Pinoys. But, I also enjoyed the F4 songs along the way. As in the original F4..age revelation just like that. 😜 Highly recommended. Let me know if you need more information. Did I say she was also good at taking photos? Look below for our Jiufen photos:

Yin Yang Sea and the surrounding mountain views from our view deck is so beautiful even if it was raining. The manmade Golden Waterfall is also interesting. Both we were able to see en route to Jiufen. Klook and KKday have packages too but you have to walk long so it might not be preferred for kids.

When my brothers Sed and Sean and cousins Mr and Mrs Yeo arrived, we met at Ximending to kick off our foodtrip and just enjoy the Taipei Friday night. Milktea, Hotstar Chicken, Torched Beef and the Noodles topped our list!

The following morning we went to Shifen at Pingxi District for the Sky Lantern experience and the Shifen Waterfalls! I love it!

Then, we went to Taipei 101 at night. Formerly. the tallest building in the world.

Our last whole day was about City Tour! And Shilin Food trip.

Hopefully, Filipinos are forever visa free to this neighboring country. Food trip amd milk tea indulgence is fun. I heard other cities and towns are as fun!!

Summer of 2012 : Sagada

Sagada, Mountain Province. Facebook photos reminded me of this trip in summer of 2012. This trip is so close to my heart. This adventure-magnet municipality in the Cordillera mountains is a world on its own.. away from the hustle of Manila and different from the pristine beaches the Philippines are famous for. It is surprising to know though that foreigners know a lot of this remote place. More than some of the lovals actually, hearing it from the foreigners who stayed in the same hotel. The commute is far from easy cause of the bus rides and scary (narrow) roads. But, my Dad’s right. Visiting Sagada is a must at least once. I cant believe my parents – for not being the adventurous type – were the ones who actually convinced me to go and visit!

I am glad that my then boyfriend – and now husband – tagged along! If it is a unique experience for me. Im sure it is a lot more ‘different’ for him. Lol!

The local Filipino movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” made this place more popular. But, I personally think that the natural wonders, the Bomod-ok Falls trek, the organic food and Violet Rice are more than enough reasons to go.

What Keeps You Float in the Air? Working Women’s Version

My blog is undergoing transformation while its ‘home’ is under planning and renovation, I realized what content I would like to put out there while sticking with the purpose of putting it up. One is, why not share about same working women who shares other passions outside from work like me. Passions that gives you that bliss. Its like asking what keeps you floating in the air in a random day?

I have two former colleagues who are into social media right now.. naaaks. And their chosen niche are so fit with their personalities.

So here’s two accounts you might want to check out in Instagram and Youtube respectiviely.

1. Honest hotel reviews by Vina

Want to have an honest to goodness review of hotels/resorts and staycation experience? Check this out Honest Hotel Reviews Instagram. No sugar coating of words or in Tagalog No “bola”. Only honest to goodness reviews care of Vina. Reviews are based from her actual experience from hotel amenities, location, dining experience etc. So if you are looking for ideas where to book or if youre looking for a genuine review of hotels and resort within the city, out of town or out kf the country, go visit her IG page!

2. MishLim Star

I have always known Mish to be tactless and funny without her even trying. So when I saw that she is setting up a YouTube account : MishLimStar , I knew it was not the ordinary, usual reviews you have. Like how witty the name she used, her content is full of humor as it is. So whether it’s a new store, restaurant, or product she tried, expect that this momma will have a very straightforward and relatable review, only organically crazy at times lol.

You see passion can still be part of the mission. Day jobs can give us income (amd yes sometimes opportunities to also bring out our passion) but it does not mean we can no longer pursue our passions outside of it. It keeps our individuality. It keeps the fire of enthusiasm burning. After all passion projects keep us – working women and even mommas sane. *wink*

New Year Greetings

Praying for achieving new goals and dreams, reflection, and new hopes are usually moments of New Year Celebrations.

2018 is a tough year cause I had to face the toughest. Even when those close to me barely hear the rootword from me – as positive as I usually try to be.

With the grace of God, I am still standing and breathing. This and with the love of my family, I choose to function like the usual day by day.

And with a grateful heart, I thank the Lord for the things he has bestowed upon me and my family : the new places travelled to, explored, and discovered recently added with my loved ones which turned into priceless memories with them that I wouldnt trade for the world.l! And for the blessings received I could only dream of having for a lifetime – but HE had the WISDOM to give me this year which I will always be thankful of.

Life has also taught me the most number of lessons this year which I think I basically would need for this lifetime. Not learned in any training nor any book. Gratefully, some of which I have somehow applied early on in life. And some helped me reassess how I live life.. and enjoy life while putting more meaning to it.

Life is fleeting – make goals, have lists, and do it because its whats in your heart, not because society dictates, do it with a good intention and/or purpose because at the end of the day thats what matters. Got to remind myself not to waste energy over shallow things.

The year also affirmed that if you have a good heart for others, it will be etched forever to the people you’ve touched. It also revealed who truly stays and cares. Those who make their presence known even at random times or regardless how close or even how long you have not seen each other. It revealed who readily showed love for me, my Dad, and for for my family when we needed it. Thank you all again for that, you know in your heart who you are and know that in my heart I will always be thankful for that even if I was not able to tell one by one.

With all the blessings I’ll be always thankful for and the lessons equipping me to be and know better, Im thankful.

So how exciting it can be to see whats in store for the coming year! They say when your at the bottom, theres no way but up! Bring it on 2019! Have a joyful one everyone!

God bless us all!!🙏💫💙✨🙏🙏

Love is forever

Romans 8:38-39

I love you forever. Thank God for being my earth

I think I am just the type who makes the most of what I have, to make the most of the time and exhaust everything I can for something I want or love the best way I know how. But with what I have went through recently, I sometimes think what could have I done more? Then, I am reminded of how I should be thankful instead for having a family I have always been proud of eversince.. for the trips we prefer to take as a whole family instead of going solo (even if it means having not enough savings with no regrets at all), of the lists we ticked together, of the stories we constantly update each other regardless of the distance and day, and the precious time we are blessed to have up to the recent. How can I complain? At the very least this comforts me now. I guess I’ll take it from here, cause I can say I am glad we did.💙🙏✨💚 #word #randomthoughts #quotestagram #instablog

For Dad💙

Always grateful for the gift of family and the time given to me..I wish I knew how to be with you longer, I love you forever. Thank God for being my earth Dad..💙💙🙏🙏

While I am working on rebuilding my inspirational, happy blog, how do I share something I lack? I have been probably through the toughest recently. I would not know how to continue. Everything good youve shown a person will etch in the person’s heart touched by it. Faith and hope are very much my friends. I have to hold on to them so I would still be able to move. It is hard to move on..hard to be in touch with reality.. But given the quality time we recently spent makes me grateful I could hold on to them. Knowing how family is always my priority at least comforts me. Regardless if I lost savings or trivial things or theres debts to pay..I dont care. Money can always be earned. I am willing to do my researches everyday exhausting all the information I can just for you to feel better and recover.. and go through the recent times I am with you even if it drains physically, emotionally, and financially.. because you are with me, with usz Cause Dad, you only deserve the best cause we got the best!

Through this, I have learned so much.. That love is forever and life is short. It is fleeting you gotta make the most of it. There are so much more like knowing who is really with you and who cares for you when you hit the rock bottom. Not only for me but especially for my Papa and my family. I appreciate those who understands and help us cope when theres so much to bear.

If I am going to choose my Dad in several lifetimes, it will still be you Papa. 💙

How do I continue and strive if I know every waking day is no longer the same

No idea how to end the tears

if these are the days I have feared

Feel sorry if what I did was not enough to help and fight prolong what we have

Ill now have one person ill skip

in sharing some stories to which now I shall just whisper or for myself to keep

Ive always been resilient to overome hurdles in life, but how do I move forward from the pain of this kind

Letting you know and showing you how much my love will last is now whats giving me comfort and solace

Why I Got Hooked with Why Secretary Kim?

So I thought Im not gonna like any Korean Series apart from Go Back Couple. I was supposed to delete my Viu app when I decided to try watching another one to see if I can understand why a lot of people I know gets hooked with Korean Series.

After having a few options, I decided to go with Whats wrong with Secretary Kim?

or Why Secretary Kim?

At first I thought it was a typical rich guy common girl story. I must say the location aesthetic of the production kept me glued. I found Kim Mi So (the main female lead) cute and endearing. So I stayed for the firt episode even if I have not felt anything special about the series yet. But before the Episode 1 ended I felt the need to watch the Episode 2! Lol! And Lee Young Joon whom I have not really liked at first is so good that as his character is being built in the story it becomes more loveable and made me feel teenage type of kilig feels (giddy feels) haha! Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are sooo good. I want them to end up together! Lol! If women admires Mr Grey of 50 Shades of Grey so much, I wouldnt understand why they wouldnt feel the same towards Vice Chairman Lee! Hahahaha!

And the supporting cast! All of the characters are worth watching. And I say all.of.them. The cute side stories made me hooked as well towards the end. The middle part of the series gave me laughter, excitement, sentimental-drama all in one when I watch it at night haha.

Because of this series, I now have official favorite actors lol.

Photo by : en.m.wikipedia.org (promotional poster)

5 Reasons Why I Love Go Back Couple

So Go Back Couple was my first attempt to the Korean Series World. Lol. I got fascinated by the story as mentioned in the advertisement of a local PH channel. I watched a few episodes and got hooked. I learned from an officemate that I can download Viu on my phone and watch the series there. So I did and loved it! Here’s why:photo by Hancinema.net

1. Unique Story and time travel. The unique story of beginning the story from marriage and not marriage as the ultimate ending was something that caught my attention. Being married myself, I know love and relationships is different from the puppy love and highschool college type of love. So I got curious at how the story would flow while knowing there will be time travel to the past. I am fond of time travel elements somehow.

2. The feel good vibe. The feel good vibe of going back to college days. I love that the supporting characters fit the role and really gave that free spirited feel of the college days. It was also a throwback to the 90s probably my favorite era! Lol!

3. Giving importance to family. The values and relationships shown surrounding the family was highlighted in the series. The scenes related to these draw emotions that will make you love your family more.

4. Kilig. I think feeling giddy is the nearest English direct translation for Filipino word ‘kilig’. Going back to the college days and former flames, the scenes showed the feeling of good vibes and to be honest made me feel kilig for the married couple as jealousy silently exudes the characters while going back to the time they had their former flames. Even the kilig story of the friends who are supporting cast also gives the fun and giddy feel. Hihi

5. Real and relateable. While it is a bit of a fantasy for the show having an element of time travel, the plot shows how the relationships are real, especially that of the main characters. Sometimes small things blow up and affects the relationships especially for married couples. But it showed how it is one’s choice to stay in love and stay committed despite being past the teenage love phase overcoming the challenges of life.

Portland Day Tour

Portland is not a huge city like other cities in the US. But, it’s neighborhood, artsy, and unique feel made us fall in love with the place. Our trip was not planned. We were spending a night at Seattle when we just suddenly decide to go to the not-so-nearby Portland since it is just a few hours away via I-5.
Our last visit was last November and it was still Autumn. I love how the colors of the season seem to partner well with the city’s vibe. Walking along Chapman Square with all the fall colors is just one of the beautiful things we did. One woman we met said that we arrived at a gorgeous day 🙂 There are a lot of parks around so we experienced Oregon autumn at its finest.  

People are friendly. They readily give suggestions where to eat and voluntarily taking us picture around downtown upon learning we are tourists.
Foodtrucks! Food trucks are famous in Portland with almost every corner accessible to one around town. From Middleeastet to American food.. there are a lot of choices available.
We had lunch at Jake’s Grill. Almost everyone suggested to head for lunch here. There are two Jake’s Grill – one famouse for seafood and one for steaks (the newer one) . Since we are just near the latter when we got hungry, we decided to dine there. Food was good, I can say.

There are a lot of cafe’s, ice cream shops, and artsy corners around. Who can miss the Portland streetcar? This is also known as a common means of transportation here.